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I am a web and game developer with over 5 years of combined and currently using Rails, JavaScript, and React.js. I enjoy using a variety of technologies and reading through the source code to understand what goes on under the hood and how the architecture is laid out.

I have lead the development of games and delivered licensed versions on time to a number of companies making sure the release and maintenance of each goes smoothly. I also developed a game framework that has run on millions of machines providing a consistent experience to players with varying hardware.

In order to meet the demands of clients and reduce risk of development, I emphasized rapid iteration using agile methodology and sprints to test prototypes and improve designs.

Resume: http://www.mwguy.com/docs/wang_michael_resume.pdf

Latest Projects

Blockgineer 2

Blockgineer 2 - Physics Puzzle Game

Blockgineer 2 is a puzzle physics game where the goal is to build a path to get all the balls to the correct doors. Includes a map editor and an online map browser.

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JSES - Interactive Web Application Framework

JSES is a framework for creating interactive web applications. It uses a component based architecture to reduce coupling and promote reusability. The core framework includes optional systems such as input, rendering, and physics.

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Blockstachio - Metroidvania Style Game

Blockstachio is a 2D platformer with multiple power ups, bosses, and secrets.

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Other Projects

galehx Open Source

A high performance game framework that supports both an inheritance and a composition based architecture. Seamlessly renders thousands of dynamic objects and handles input, state transitions, audio, resource loading, and more.

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Work Experience

Co-Founder and Lead Developer - Halboom LLC (2009 - Present)

As an independent game developer and designer, I programmed and designed in-house game frameworks, libraries, websites, and web games.

  • Lead the development and design of games which resulted in over 20 million plays from millions of users.
  • Developed a game framework that sped up development time greatly.
  • Sought out and obtained sponsors and sold licenses for the games.
  • Sought out games to sponsor and helped them reach millions of players worldwide.

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